Youth and Family Services

Youth Advocacy – HELP has an advocate focused on providing emotional support and safety planning for children who have been exposed to domestic violence within the home as well as for teens who have experienced dating violence. Our advocates provide youth with the knowledge that the abuse is not their fault while offering a safe and supportive place to talk.

Looking to change the current paradigm with domestic violence in Door County, HELP of Door County looks to move more “upstream”. In the context of domestic violence, primary prevention encompasses our proactive efforts to stop intimate partner violence and abuse from happening in the first place by interrupting the cultural rules, norms, and constructs that support it while changing the social norms that allow and condone violence. Moving upstream requires that we reach our youth to encourage them to recognize that domestic violence is linked to a web of oppressive systems such as racism, xenophobia, classism, sexism, and homophobia and that intimate partner violence disproportionately affects women, children and other marginalized groups.

With this goal in mind, we are incredibly excited that at HELP of Door County, we now have more than 20 area high school students who participate in our new youth led group, “FYRE” – (FORGING YOUTH RELATIONSHIPS & EDUCATION) who connect and meet weekly under the guidance of HELP’s youth advocate and discuss a wide range of topics including dynamics of oppression, power and control within relationships, healthy relationships and dating violence. This group has the following ambitious goals for Door County youth:

-Prevent intimate partner violence and promote healthy relationships

-Educate area youth about domestic violence and assault

-Inform, illuminate and inspire youth to “get real” about healthy relationships

This group is open to all Door County High School Students.

For more information, please call Karla at 920-743-8785.

Parent Education and Support – Advocates educate parents on the effects of trauma on children and how to best support them.

Community Education and Outreach – Our youth advocate provides educational presentations on teen dating violence and the effects of domestic violence on children. Advocates offer healthy relationship groups for teens and leadership opportunities for teens who want to raise awareness of interpersonal violence.