Violence Intervention Services

Classes are provided for men or women who either enroll voluntarily or are court-ordered to work on issues related to domestic abuse battery. The groups are co-facilitated and peer led. The core goal is to teach healthy ways to communicate and be in a relationship free from abuse based on issues of power and control.

We have learned that primary relationships can be a powerful place for support and positive action in the lives of those who have been batterers. Men in particular often grow up in an environment which demands that they “don’t cry”, “man up” or “just get it done”. The media bombards us with negative messages which idealize physical violence, revenge and betrayal while news broadcasts focus on the worst of human behaviors. Our Violence Intervention Services  groups provide a safe place to question  our choices learned often from multi-generational habits and for participants to receive support with the challenges of behavioral change.

Alternatives to Violence (ATV) is a 26 week educational course for men. It is designed as an open-ended program enabling participants to start at any time.

Women Ending Abuse and Violence (WEAV) is a 12 week educational course for women. 

This process of change teaches participants how to:

  • live a non-violent life
  • build trust and respect
  • listen
  • be honest in both word and deed
  • understand the legacy of our choices
  • let go of control
  • be fair with finances
  • respect sexual timing and preferences

Both our ATV and WEAV classes require an assessment before being allowed into the class. The assessment and the classes both entail a fee. Please call the HELP office for more information and referral to these groups at 920-743-8785.