Visitation and Exchange Program

Our VISITATION and EXCHANGE PROGRAM offers services to parents and children needing to visit or be exchanged in a safe, neutral location. It is a tool that can help families as they go through difficult and/or transitional times. Services included are:
Supervised Visits
Monitored Exchanges and/or Visits
Skype Visits
Telephone Visits
Supportive Visits
While services are available at no charge, not all services are available at all times due to funding issues.
All visits are on-site at our Door County location.

Some of the reasons for using our services are: 

Children need to go from one parent to the other without the parents meeting.
Children’s visits with a parent need to be restricted to monitored or structured settings.
A parent has been prevented from visiting his/her children in spite of a visitation court order.
A parent hasn’t seen his/her children for some time and would like help in re-establishing a relationship with them.
A parent is concerned about the children’ s safety during visits with the other parent.
A parent is facing divorce and wants help in finding a solution to custody and visitation questions.

Some of the benefits for the various family members are as follows:

For the Children:
Services allow the children to maintain a relationship with both of their parents without being a part of the parents’ conflict and/or other problems. For visiting children, they can anticipate visits without the stress of worrying about what is going to happen, and enjoy their time in a safe, comfortable environment.
For the Parents and/or Guardians:
Parents can feel confident about safety without having to communicate or have contact with a person with whom they are in conflict or by whom they might be in conflict with.
For the Parents and/or Guardians with whom the child resides:
The children’s primary guardian can feel comfortable allowing their children to have contact with their non-residential parent.
For the Non-Residential Parent or Relative:
They can be sure that their contact with the children does not have to be interrupted regardless of any personal or interpersonal problems they may be having or conflicts with the children’s caretaker(s). If allegations have been made against them, they can visit without fear of any new accusations because there is someone present who can verify what happened during their time together.

Our Visitation and Exchange Program is a member of the Supervised Visitation Network (SVN) and of the Wisconsin Chapter of SVN.
Visit the Supervised Visitation Network at: