Anne Kok Social Justice Award

The Anne Kok Social Justice Award was established in 2008 to honor Anne’s contributions to our community, both in the prevention and elimination of domestic violence, as well as her actions to promote social justice. Anne directed HELP of Door County for four years, beginning in 1985, and continued her commitment to HELP in her later years as a Board Member. 

The latest winner(s) are ….

Jon and Patti Hanson!

Jon and Patti met in 1977 and have been married for 37 years. Patti started her career as a teacher, and reading specialist. Jon worked in nondestructive inspection and quality control. They fell in love with Sturgeon Bay and wanted to stay to raise their family in what they thought (and still think) was the best possible place to do so. They bought their first hotel, Snug Harbor Inn, in 1991 and have focused the past 30 years on re-investing in the community. They have poured time and resources into revitalizing and saving three hotels that have been part of Door County’s tourism landscape for decades. They have provided jobs for countless in the community, being previously recognized for the mentorship they provide their employed youth. They pride themselves on seeing the best in their employees and giving chances to those that others won’t.

Jon and Patti have been a resource for people down on their luck in their community, working with various agencies to provide them with accommodations, privacy, and respect in times of difficulty. Additionally, they have striven to provide affordable housing for their employees and others in the community when this is becoming increasingly more difficult to find. They are often involved in helping their friends, employees and community in a way that is not seen publicly but aligns with their christian faith and values that everyone deserves respect and a second chance.

Previous Winners By Year:

Jennifer Moeller – 2020

Bob & Connie Erickson – 2019

Milly Gonzales – 2018

Amy Kohnle – 2014

Sandy Brown – 2013

Shirley Senarighi – 2012

Jane Stevenson – 2011

Karrie Anthony – 2010

Richard Egan – 2009