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DOMESTIC VIOLENCE CHILDREN’S ADVOCATE: This is an hourly position based on experience/education and reports to the Domestic Violence Coordinator and Executive Director.

GENERAL: The primary focus of this full-time position is to address and support the advocacy needs of children and youth. Secondary responsibilities will be to support the advocacy needs of other age groups affected by domestic violence. A Bachelor of Science degree in social work or related field preferred; equivalent related experience and education regarding the needs of children may be sufficient – Crisis intervention skills are a must. Must be able to work with victims and staff under sometimes very stressful conditions. This position requires outstanding oral presentation and written communication skills; Knowledge and understanding of the effects of domestic and sexual abuse/violence for victims; Ability to problem solve, and work well with people from diverse backgrounds; Must be able to work independently with limited direction; Must be able to maintain confidentiality and be non-judgmental; Develop and promote safety skills to protect victims.


Key Functions and Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for day-to-day provision of services to children and other individuals in domestic abuse situations.
  • Maintains fidelity with HELP, its’ programs and services – adheres to and supports all organizational policies and procedures
  • Promotes community-wide awareness of HELP, its’ youth initiatives and services
  • Meets as needed with other staff and the Executive Director to report on activities and attends staff meetings
  • Attends HELP functions as required


Specific Job Duties:

  • Provides school presentations to K-12 classes (ie., healthy relationships, dating violence, etc.,)
  • Provides presentations to school age children at organizations like the Door County Boys and Girls Club
  • Has demonstrated ability to work independently with children of various ages.
  • Ability to work with parents to present methods of non-violent discipline and positive parenting skills
  • Works with children in confidential setting when parent meets separately with other advocate
  • Educates clients about dynamics of domestic violence and sexual assault and available options/resources
  • Maintains regular office hours for meeting with domestic violence victims of all ages
  • Coordinates services for victims of domestic abuse
  • Ensures provision of crisis counseling and personal advocacy for victims of domestic abuse
  • Assists victims in knowing their legal rights with how to obtain an Order of Protection and what to do when the Order is violated.
  • Prepares victims for court testimony and accompanies victims to court, assisting with providing child care if necessary
  • Provides referrals to victims for counseling, support groups and financial assistance to support victims
  • Champions specific agency initiatives as assigned – i.e., Youth, Voices of Men, Coordinated Community Response Team, etc.,
  • Responsible for special projects such as development of training programs and presentations to law enforcement agencies, community agencies and community groups to inform about domestic violence problems and how to deal with them
  • Works with staff to implement primary domestic violence prevention
  • Works to facilitate various support groups (i.e., women’s support/children’s groups)
  • Completes all paperwork on timely basis and enters all required information into Osnium database
  • Assists and supports Domestic Violence month and organization’s special events
  • Participates and represents HELP on various related local and statewide Domestic Violence related committees
  • Completes other related duties as specified by the Executive Director


Training Requirements: Forty hours of domestic violence advocate training will be provided through HELP of Door County. Restraining order and other training will be provided through End Abuse Wisconsin. CPR training and certification is required and will be offered through HELP of Door County. Other trainings offered through End Abuse will also be made available on a semi-annual basis – some travel may be required.


Please send cover letter and resume to:

Executive Director

HELP of Door County, Inc.

219 Green Bay Rd.

Sturgeon Bay, WI. 54235

or send cover letter and resume via email to: