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As you know, APRIL IS VOLUNTEER APPRECIATION MONTH….We would like to thank our “Northern Door HELPers” who since 2006 have raised more than $135,000 to support the good work of HELP of Door County and who were one of three Volunteer of the Year nominees at this year’s 15th Annual Golden Hearts Celebration.

In 2005, Chris Forbes, the “founding mother” of the Northern Door Helpers shared with her friends her great idea for “having an event without an event”. Chris told a few of her friends about an idea she had (who later would become the HELPers): “people should think of the money that they won’t be spending by not going out – no need for a sitter, a new pair of shoes or a trip to the beauty salon and then write a check for that amount of money that they saved and donate it to HELP of Door County.The “HELPers” who wanted to fight domestic abuse in their communities all thought that it was a great idea so they all sent invitations to the “stay At Home Ball” to all of their friends. In that first year, they raised $12,715!

Today’s Northern Door HELPers are led by Kay Wilson, Suzy Limoni Woerfel, Maggie TerHorst, Bea Lapp, Lana Hall, Karen Cook, Penny Scheller, Ruth Ann Kopitzke and Vonnie Callsen. During Volunteer Appreciation Month, we offer a special word of appreciation and gratitude for these wonderful volunteers who make a difference every day in the lives of domestic violence victims!